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I'm Stefan - a 24-year old Swedish economics student who has lost weight and found what I want to accomplish in life. Here you will find fit inspiration and amazing information on everything from healthy weight loss to exercise and personal development.

I get photos from a bunch of forums without original sources so give me a shout if you find a source.

Quality inspiration goes before quantity.

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At the end of the day….no matter how hard i run, nor how slow i run….whether it be a 17:24 5k or a 20:12 5k….to her, i am her champion….To me, she is the one…

Reblogging again because SOMEDAY.

Awwwwe. <3

active fitblr following back :)

Give me plz

Running buddies are the best ok

if I could be in a  relationship like this, I’d be more than happy

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dat nike pro doe


dat nike pro doe

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Calories and portion sizes in recipes throughout 100 years